Yangzhou GaoMin Temple 扬州高旻寺

Gaomin temple is a national key protected temple. It is one of the eight famous temples in Yangzhou.

Lianyungang Revolutionary Memorial Hall 连云港市革命纪念馆

Lianyungang Revolutionary Memorial Hall is a large-scale patriotic education base that the Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee attach great importance to.

Taizhou Old Street 泰州老街

Taizhou Old Street is a national AAA-level scenic spot, which is located outside the Taoyuan scenic spot on the banks of Fengcheng River. 

Yangzhou Runyang Wetland Park 扬州润扬湿地公园

The park has an excellent location, a good ecological wetland landscape, beautiful natural landscapes, and a strong historical town culture.

Suzhou Wuhao Wenyi Hotel 苏州五号文艺酒店

Suzhou Wuhao Wenyi Hotel is located in Pingjiang Historic District of Suzhou. 

Nanjing Science and Technology Museum 南京科技馆

Nanjing Science and Technology Museum is the largest modern and multifunctional museum in Jiangsu Province. 

Yangzhou Fangcun Inn 扬州方寸客栈

Yangzhou Fangcun Inn is a very distinctive inn in a historical and cultural street. With its unique Chinese Zen style, the inn highlights the local characteristics.

Nanjing Wangjia wonton 南京汪家馄饨

Wangjia wonton was originated in 1983. About 36 years ago, a young man surnamed Wang was selling wonton near Yuhuatai, carrying a load.

WuXi Xuelang Mountain Ecological Landscape Park 无锡雪浪山生态景观园

Xuelang Mountain Ecological Landscape Park is located on the edge of the Xuelang Street in Wuxi, near Taihu Lake in the south and Meiliang Lake Scenic Area in the west, covering an area of 5,000 acres.