On one side is the romance above the water; on the other side is the fragrant, colorful flower field. The sea of tulips is located by the sea at the Tourist Resort of Qidong Yuantuojiao. The 1.5 million tulips of 30 varieties have brought colors to the seaside in spring. When 80% of tulips are in full bloom, it is the best time to appreciate the flowers. Bright red, pink, golden, and white, the tulips of more than a dozen colors are crowded together, swaying with the breeze, forming a unique flower sea above the waters of Yangtze River and the sea and beneath the sky. With the scenery in your eyes, you can’t help but hear the familiar words ringing in your ears: “Facing the sea when the spring flower is blooming”. The colorful flowers are the best makeup for the spring. Despite the lack of fragrance, the brightness of begonia can surpass any other flowers. By April, the blooming of begonia will also join in for the symphony.

Source: Leyou Qidong

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