Jiangsu, a place suitable for outgoing of family ,is the first choice for family trip. We’d like to recommend the places, activities and hotels for family trip to you and make your children experience everything from the tour in Jiangsu.


Parent-child Activities

Exploration Tour in Changzhou Tianmu Lake Bamboo Kingdom

Surrounded by mountains and lying on water, Tianmu Lake is scattered by islands; besides for the very beautiful scenery, it melts China’s traditional tea culture, filial piety culture and the No. 1 scholar culture and has become one of the scientific education bases in Jiangsu. The natural scenery and historical humanity add radiance and beauty to each other; after feeling the cultural charm, visitors may imitate “Sculpture of Jin Wenxiao” at the Picture of Hundred Filial Stories, and finish “a letter to family”in front of the Loving Mother Hall; they may also experience the ancient school entrance ceremony, climb the pavilion and hang a wish card in front of the No. 1 Scholar Pavilion...

The family trip of natural science population education in Nanjing Jiangning Stream Field Ecologic Agriculture Garden

The fish culture is a significant part of the stream field countryside complex farming culture, the freshwater fish cultivation center is the specific embodiment of the local farming culture and also one of the science population education bases. Parents may guide children to watch various freshwater fishes at close range, play water and catch loach, this way can upgrade their scientific culture attainments by learning fishing knowledge from the practice and experience.

The Family Experience Trip at Taizhou Zhenhu Lake Guess Crab Village

It is to have science population on equestrian knowledge, experience Lixia River guess crab culture, and exercise children’s manipulative ability so as to make children learn the fields that can not be touched in their daily study while playing and also inspire their imagination.

Public Benefit Family School of Nanjing Impressions

Children can study the making method of China’s traditional snacks, and some China’s snacks that meet traditional customs are also promoted correspondingly at the coming of traditional festivals. By melting the children’s etiquette with traditional culture and food, children can not only learn various etiquette but can also feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture in very pleasant atmosphere while they make food, so it’s really a very funny tour of food.

Nianhua Baby Study Activity

It is to experience Zen food and Han Chinese clothing, appreciate and study poems on picking flowers, watch the Zen walking performance, make painted sculpture and mud pellets, paint kites or make moon-shaped fans etc.

Family Trip on Gentleman Euryale Ferox Day at Tongli Suzhou

Gentleman Euryale Ferox is a cartoon image spokesperson of Tongli ancient town. In June 2017, in order to commemorate the 1st birthday of Gentleman Euryale Ferox , we would like to name the first Saturday of each month as “Tongli Gentleman Euryale Ferox Day”, and conduct parent-child serial activities of diversified themes synchronously: the zero basis paper cutting interactive teaching and learning experience, walking to the field of May, exploration of organic life, hand made sweet dumplings for celebrating the Lantern Festival, and Tongli reunion year of flowers...

Parent-child Activity at Nantong Rudong Xiaoyangkou Tourist Resort

Children may dance as much as they like on the beach and enjoy the satisfaction of stamping clams; some parent-child games may also be made at the intertidal zone to enjoy relaxed and leisure interaction time.

Suzhou Parent-child Baby Card

A parent-child baby card covers the local hot family entertainment programs in Suzhou, 5 theme playing manners, 20+ scenic spots, N+1 kinds of family playing methods, so you may play freely with the one card only.

Parent-child Facility

Changzhou Dinosaur Man Club Hotel

Located in the one-station tourist resort Dino Business Street of China Dinosaur Park, the hotel has set up the parent-child interaction paradise, Dinosaur Valley Hot Spring Resort and Dinosaur Town Theater with 239 delicately designed resort theme guest rooms. Equipped with Mr. D’s Private Museum in the hotel, the dinosaur man explorers may pass through to the Jurassic Period, and experience the harmonious co-existence of dinosaur and human. The hotel is equipped with six theme house types including the tyrannosaurus cave, the pterosaur nest, the explorer’s residence, the seafarer residence, the archaeology camp and the tribe culture etc. as well as the dinosaur theme capsule room.

Suzhou Kunshan Original House • Tongnian Family Homestay

It is a family homestay of 30,000㎡outdoor unpowered facility paradise, 1500㎡indoor family base and the family homestay of rich themes. It is designed by Shanghai World Expo design team and the top design teams from Germany and Japan, building very particular “toy box” house for children.

Wuxi Countryside Oriental Plants vs. Zombies Farm

It is the global first pvz theme farm that combines plants, animals, entertainment equipment and game themes. Come and join the fantastic adventure together and meet the childishness in rural fields!

Nanjing Bancheng • Dashan Motor Home Resort

Standing in Yaxi International Slow Town, Gaochun District, Nanjing City, Nanjing Bancheng • Dashan Motor Home Resort enjoys very nice environment and is an all feeling type tourist resort integrating motor home featured accommodation and leisure activity. There are very colorful parent-child entertainment activities in the resort, including noctilucence kites, fishing, slow reading of books, open movie, parent-child DIY, and campfire party etc.

Yangzhou Museum

Social teaching activities including parent-child activity are conducted each month: the pizza making by family for the new year, the parent-child begging contest on The Double Seventh Festival, the funny DIY jade rabbit by piecing beans on the Middle Autumn Festival, serving tea to parents on the Double Ninth Day, and the publicity of filial piety... the parent-child activities have formed a system at a big size.

2) Zhouzhuang Carton Kingdom Creation Space

It is a carton kingdom integrating creative talents, designers and printers to contemplate life, design life and create life by paper ...