Xuzhou is known as a leisure city of many mountains and waters as it is rich in those natural resources. If you are only planning for a sojourn, we recommend a tour of Yunlong Lake. You will have a full glance of this modern city, as the Lake is located in the downtown area, the traffic is convenient too.

Underwater Corridor & Aquarium Exhibition Hall

“Chenshui Corridor”, literally “Underwater Corridor”, is a corridor for walk that is constructed underwater. Its total length is 148 meters and people may see all fishes passing through aquatic plants through the glass on both sides of the corridor.

Aquarium Exhibition Hall is on the mid-lake island of Huxin Lake. It was once the largest of its kind in Asia. The main building is like a whale jumping out of the water. There are many kinds of freshwater and saline water creatures. Besides, wonderful marine animal performance is presented here.


Giant Swimming Pool for 10,000 People & Hefeng Island

It is expected that people can have the feeling of swimming in the sea when they are in the lake. So there comes the giant swimming pool for ten thousand people in the inner lake. It covers an area of 150,000 m2 with an artificial beach.

The most attractive part of Yunlong Lake in summer is probably the lotus that distribute fragrance. Hefeng Island offers the best place for admiring flowers. With water on three sides, the island is built with gardens of Suzhu traditional style. You can say it is the very ideal place to take good photos of lotus flowers.

 Xiaonan Lake & Riverside Lake

Many sights of Yunlong Lake scenic area fall in Xiaonan Lake. There is waterside pavilions and platforms built on the islands right in the mid-lake. One of the islands is called Sugong Island, as the renowned scholar and senior official Su Shi, a literary magnate in Song Dynasty who used to assume his office in Xuzhou for some time. There are many traces related to his classical cultural works on this island.

The grand swimming pool, the concert hall, the art hall, the children’s playground along with other modern facilities are all within the riverside part, from which people can appreciate much beauty for the combination of activity and tranquillity, nature and manual work, as well as garden green landscape and European buildings.

Facinating Night View

No one can miss the summer night on Yunlong Lake as cool air is breezing and the sky is decorated with splendid lights. There are poems written on lamp poles along the lakeside, which exhibit elegant tastes. The concert hall from afar looks like a glowing lotus that illuminates the night. Take a walk along the riverside and one will find himself well integrated into the nocturne. You will be led into a dreamlike wonderland.

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