Xiting Cracknel is the traditional and famous snack in Nantong Xiting Area of Jiangsu Province, it was originated from the initial stage of Emperor Guang Xu in Qing Dynasty and has a history of centuries now. The cracknel uses the choice materials with exquisite process, and has a style of crisp and sweet with unique delicate flavor.

The first-class refined wheat flour was selected as the main ingredient of Xiting Cracknel, which was manually produced by 28 steps. The cracknel is toasted under low baking temperature, and the surface presents yellow without charring color. Its process is exquisite, each one has 18 layers. When being soaked by the boiled water, you can see the clear and distinct layers. There are two ways to enjoy it: dry eating and soaked by water. On the one hand, it is crisp and sweet in the process of dry eating, one can feel more delicious when chewing more because there are sesame dipped above the pasta. On the other hand, when eating it after soaked by the boiled water, it is very sweet and delicious.

The just baked crackers have the aroma of wheat when tearing it down. Take a bite, the charred yellow edge tastes crisp, and it is accompanied by the fragrance of sesame, the sweet taste spasmodically assails the nostrils. Xiting Cracknel not only inherits the old craft to present, but also maintains the original flavor, which has sustained in the taste buds of Tongzhou people. The manufacture skill of Xiting Cracknel was listed in Jiangsu Province’s Second Batches of Intangible Cultural Heritage List in Jun. 2009.

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