Huai’an is a city built on water and has witnessed multiple dynasties. The Li Canal, the mother river of Huai’an, has nurtured local people for generations. The stories told by the Li Canal are reflections of all Huai’an households here, the lights of which are brilliantly illuminated.


Li Canal

Having been flowing for thousands of years, Li Canal, with rich resources in salt and rice, has nourished the Huai’an people living by the Li Canal Riverside and created a unique folk culture where people are strong and soft in characters, integrating the features of both the south and the north. The antique architecture along the Li Canal Cultural Corridor and the archaize street of Huaiyang cuisine along the river are the true portrayal of the charm and graceful bearing of Jiangnan Area (south of the Yangtze River). When night falls, the Li Canal is brightly-lit by the lights of every household, which is vivid reflection the normal life of Huai’an people, forming a splendid and dazzling picture.

Qingjiangpu Stone Wharf

Stone Wharf interprets the status and symbol of the critical transportation hub of ancient Huai’an that took shape in 1728 and finally completed in 1855. Currently, local residents are used to feeling the glorious and prosperous phenomena of the ancient times at night by taking a walk passing by the warm yellow street lamps, majestic Guoshi Pagoda and the elegant Qingjiangpu Ancient Buildings. Looking around, you can feel the earthly joys and native intelligence of locals in this city of water.

Flower Street

Walking along Qiangjiangpu Stone Wharf, you will enter the well-known ancient street of Qingjiangpu District — Flower Street. Flower Street is blazing at night with flowers and lights complementing with each other to give you a feeling of stepping into the fairyland. Here, you can see not only the beauty and elegance of the Flower Street but also the brightly-lit night scene.

When you come to Huai’an, Flower Street is your inevitable choice to appreciate the beautiful scenery, plant your favorite flower, or have a taste of Huai’an specialties. This place will bring you impressive experiences of all different lifestyles.

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