Fairyland of Qinshan Island

Acclaimed as “a fairyland on the Yellow Sea”, Qinshan Island is admired for its three wonders. Among them, the best is the “Trail of God”. The 8.8-kilometer-long, S-shaped trail with quartz pebbles meanders and stretches in a seemingly endless line. When the tide goes out, the road appears, and people can walk all the way to the middle of the sea. But when the tide is in, it vanishes and leaves a lighthouse standing alone in the middle of the water.

The second wonder of Qinshan Island is the General Stone. Under the Dongfeng Cliff stand two 20-meter-tall sea stacks nicknamed “The General” and “The Lieutenant General” by the local fishermen. “The Lieutenant General” has snapped around the middle due to the inertia of big waves while “The General” still rises proudly and becomes a popular spot for tourists to take photos. As the rocks continue to be eroded away, new stacks emerge, creating a wonderful landscape rarely seen not only in Lianyungang, but also in the whole country.

Apart from the amazing natural landscape, Qinshan Island is also a great place for fishing sea bass and attracts a mass of visitors every year. Against the jagged rocks and rolling waves, still anglers are waiting for the fish to bite and some of the intrepid adventurers often manage to catch bass of a person’s height. The fish is bluish gray on the back and have a white belly with irregular black spots scattered on the sides. Their big eyes are wide open and rolling upwards as a gesture of defiance.

Mini Island in the Depths of Ocean

Compared with Ping Island and Dashan Island, Cheniushan Island is the smallest covering an area of only 0.06 square kilometers. The water temperature around the island varies in different seasons and the underwater visibility is as deep as 15 meters. Meanwhile, as a special bird reserve of Jiangsu Province, the island is a refuge and habitat for many fish and over 150 kinds of birds. In spring and autumn, it also becomes a transfer station for bird migration between north and south. Migratory birds flock in mesmerizing swarms, forming a magnificent view like a solid black carpet in the sky.

Cheniushan Island is also the most suitable for sea fishing among the three islands. As one of the best eight fisheries in China in the Qiansandao archipelago, the Haizhou Bay Fishing Ground abounds with bass, groupers, flounders, and mackerels. If you are lucky enough, you may see dolphins and flying fish swim by. The anglers who go to Cheniushan Island will always return full handed.

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