Mountain scenery is undoubtedly the best choice for sightseeing in early winter, as everywhere is picturesque because trees are dressed in beautiful colors, such as yellow gingko leaves and red maple leaves. In Nantong, Langshan is most favored by locals for sightseeing.The literal meaning of Langshan refers to “Wolf Mountain”, but there is no single wolf on the mountain, which is a famous Buddhist mountain with beautiful scenery and a wide view of the river. A great variety of trees change colors in order with the changes in temperature, showing an oil painting-like gradation. Although the highest peak of the mountain is only about 100 meters above sea level, it is still considered as the “No.1 mountain of the Sea Estuary” second to none on the wide expanse of flat land.

As a Buddhist mountain, Langshan Mountain is famous for the “Guangjiao Temple” built on it, with numerous courtyards distributed at different heights and positions in order. Lots of pilgrims would gather in the temple every day for the divinity of this temple. Tourists can worship the “Zhiyun Pagoda” on the top of the mountain and look far into the magnificent estuary of the Yangtze River on the pagoda.

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