Jubaoshan Park, one of ten Sports Parks in Jiangsu Province, is in the east of Nanjing. This Park is for all seasons and offers outdoor activities such as hiking, orienteering, around the mountains cycle, and dryland curling.

In the center of the park, a course offers a high rope challenge, which is the largest unpowered amusement facility in China, and it is called Jinling Matrix. The 6-storyed streel work has the following functions: Story 1 is the kids’ play yard, providing a total of 19 playing facilities including climbing walls, balance plates, among others. The creative and will power of kids can be stimulated and cultivated. Stories 2 to 5 are for adults. Over 120 elements in the high-altitude challenges can bring even the bravest ones to scream. You can never miss the 25-meter base jumping, 5-storyed trapeze, 1080-degree slide rails or 180-meter flying cables, and many other exciting activities.

Jinling Matrix is well certified by TUV security test and coaches for operation and maintenance have all received and passed the strictest training and examination. You don’t need to worry out safety at all. Just let it go. Feel free to run and climb for your utmost pleasure. Standing on the 700-meter-high observation deck, tourists can have a great vision of the sky and the panorama view of the park.

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