Known as the hometown of lotus in China, Jinhu County is located in Huai’an City, center of Jiangsu Province. Surrounded by Baima Lake, Gaoyou Lake and Baoying Lake, the water area occupies half of the whole county, creating an excellent space and environment for the growth of lotus. At present, more than 370 categories of lotus grow in Jinhu, including almost every lotus category from both home and abroad, forming a unique regional culture.

Ten thousand acres of lotus flowers

Lotus flowers spread over a water area of 2.24 square kilometers. Looking around, you can only see endless green leaves, all the way to the horizon line. Making a turn, you will definitely lose your direction, lose yourself in the endless green color, and in this magnificent and huge masterpiece of plants.

The center of this flower field is the core of the scenic spot. Visitors will choose to enjoy the view from a closer distance on a boat in this huge flower field, which brings you a totally different experience.

With blue sky and white clouds overhead and clear lake beneath, one can enjoy the gusty breeze and fragrant flowers. “Green lotus leaves outspread as far as boundless sky; pink lotus blossoms take from sunshine a new dye” – what a poetic picture. The scattered lotus leaves, one next to the other, form a green sea with no visible edge. In the middle are lotus flowers of pink, light yellow and white. You’d wonder which wonderland it is. Deep into the field, you’d be refreshed by the scent of lotus leaves. Crisp, tender and sweet seeds will also be ready for harvest, waiting for you to have a taste.

Jinhu Lotus Festival

Every year from July to August, when the lotus flowers bloom, Jinhu will hold the annual Lotus Festival together with the Food Festival. Visitors can taste all kinds of lotus root delicacies here. Fried lotus root with glutinous rice is fragrant and sweet. Yuanxiao (glutinous rice balls) made of sesame and lotus root powders represents good luck. Lotus root stuffed with meat is a combination of frugality and luxury. This period of the year is the most crowded time in Jinhu. People can feel the atmosphere of festival both at home and in the street. Back in 2000, Jinhu held the first Lotus Festival, and Jinhu lotus has become famous ever since. Every year, more than 200,000 lotus lovers from all over the world will come to Jinhu to appreciate the flowers. It would be a wonderful summer day if we can enjoy the beautiful lotus flowers with friends, compose poems to express our praises, while tasting delicious food made of lotus roots and tender lotus seeds.

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