The Wuxi Section of the Grand Canal has the total length of 40.6 km, which is the earliest section in accordance with the Jiangnan canal’s written record, it is the most intact section of the Grand Canal and emerged as the essential part of China’s the Grand Canal.

The Wuxi South Gate Section of the Grand Canal is the significant essence of the Ancient Canal. The cross-strait houses are built on the river. The material carriers concerning ancient river, ancient bridges, ancient temples, ancient tower, old temple, ancient monuments, ancient streets, ancient kilns, ancient houses and ancient courier hostel are well preserved. Up to now, it still retains the simple and honest characteristics of Jiangnan, which can be described as the authentic Wuxi version of “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival.”

Qingming bridge, as the oldest bridge with the largest scale, is the best scenic spot in Wuxi Section of the ancient canal, which is most complete single hole stone arch bridge on the ancient canal.It is worthy of visiting Qingming Bridge in Wuxi. There are white walls and black tiles on both sides of the Qingming Bridge. Almost every family has a water wharf, thus creating a courtyard style, bamboo tube type, and independent Pillow River households with strong local characteristics.

Wuxi’s ancient canal witnessed Wuxi’s economic development.It is both the ligament and also the Mother River of Wuxi. The ancient canal witnessed the long history of Wuxi. Welcome you to visit here when you take a tour in Wuxi, and to experience the canal culture of Wuxi.

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