Suzhou Qi Garden

Suzhou Qi Garden is located in Dongshan Town, Suzhou, which is adjacent to Taihu Lake, founded in 1911. It is also known as The Xi Garden. It was named because of the garden owner’s name Xi Qisun. Qi Garden is the only garden in Suzhou that is built beside the mountains and waters. Throughout the garden, the four-sided hall, double corridor, lake, rockery and pavilion are well-balanced and very harmonious.

Qi Garden consists of three parts: courtyard, garden and Liu Yi small courtyard. Wherein, the Liu Yi well, Emperor Kangxi planted bayberry trees, and the Royal Dock are the “three treasures” of Qi Garden. Especially the Royal Dock in Garden, embedded in the ripples of Taihu Lake like a painting, is very poetic.

In the garden, the water in the pond is so clear that the number of fish can be counted; The lakeshore is built with Taihu Lake stones to form a pool rockery, various animal shapes, sitting or lying, standing or squatting. They all have different postures and vividly lifelike.

Qi Garden is located in a very suitable location. Qi Garden is built on the mountain, standing beside the lake, between the mountains and rivers, which is rare among the gardens in the Jiangnan area. The Garden contains mountain and lake. Visitors can enjoy different views at different locations in the garden. It’s like a dynamic painting slowly unfolding with walking. The halls, pavilions, garden trails, arch bridges, and arches that are distributed in the garden blend into the natural landscape, which makes the scenery beautiful and pleasant.

Qi Garden was approved by the State Council in 1984 as one of the main scenic spots of the Taihu Lake Scenic Area.