In May, encountering the charming 7D Mirror of Glassy Sky in Nanjing ....

What a beautiful and splendid “Land of Idyllic Beauty” in Jiangxi Village. It adjoins to the picturesque Gaochun International Slow Lifestyle Scenic Resort and is situated at the center of Longdun Lake Reservoir, which is tranquil and idyllic! This is the Nanjing Longhu Ecological Garden …., the bird tweets linger in your ears, the gentle breeze blows on your face when walking on the Mirror of Lake! Accompanied by the fresh air sent forth from the lake, one could feel that all the pores are breathing!

Apart from the beautiful natural environment, the Mirror of Sky created by Nanjing Longhu Ecological Garden will welcome guests arrival. In the early summer, the Picking Festival of White Jade Loquats is coming, let’s see it in the scenic spot!

Gaochun · Longhu Ecological Garden 7D Mirror of the Sky Entertainment Season

Visiting the Extremely Playful Place in Gaochun, Meet with You on May 22

Activity time: From May 22 to June (8:30-19:00)

Location:  Longhu Ecological Garden ,Qiqiao Street, Gaochun District, Nanjing City

The 7D Mirror of the Sky in Gaochun District is Located in Longhu Ecological Garden. There are also brilliant online popular Flower Sea and parent-child recreation programs. What kind of amusing things can it bring to you? In the late spring and early summer, the sunlight is blazing but not resplendent in the magnificent Mirror of the Sky. The online popular 7D Mirror of Glassy Sky is ripe for the arrival of guests. You can invite several fellows to jointly experience the exciting and beautiful feeling. Perhaps your graceful posture, fearless and strolling attitude can perfectly explain it.

The tourist can witness the dreamy and rapidly changing blue sky and white cloud, it seems that one can touch the clouds if raising your hands, 7D Mirror of Glassy Sky is a visual feast worth visiting. Here your beautiful appearance can be prominent without any Camera Filter, so you can shoot a satisfied blockbuster, and the rate of filming can up to 100%!

One can’t easily live up to such picturesque Penglai fairyland, is there a more enchanting place than this? Dressing the Han Chinese Clothing, which is similar to ascend and become an immortal, as looming as the light cloud spreading over the moon, and as fleeting as the circulated wind blowing the whirly snowflake.

It seems to travel in the fairyland when standing in the Mirror of Sky, as if traveling in Yaochi, Penglai and the world’s most bright and clear Lingtai. In the travel season of ecological garden, the white jade loquat in May is as yellow as an orange, it has thin skin and thick pulp. The white jade loquat is sweet and juicy and flowers are in full bloom. It’s the time to pick up the mature and fresh white jade loquat in Longhu ecological garden! The key point is that you can pick and eat the fresh fruits!

Everything is fine in such a warm and gentle weather! In May, Welcome To the Picking Festival in the vast Longhu Ecological Garden Not only can you experience the Picking Festival in Longhu Ecological Garden, but also can witness the gorgeous online popular Flower Sea,  enjoy parent-child recreation programs and so on.

The Flower Sea of verbena builds an elegant purple dreamland for you, walking in this place makes many people not want to leave…

A great many exciting and playful parent-child programs! Look over here!

Jungle Cross – cross the barriers, Adrenaline Junkie!

Ownage burst shooting gallery- including sniper rifle, machine gun, etc.!

Inflatable Castle- leap to jump to the fullest, throw all worries away!

Wheezing Little Train- the little train could take us to the Sightseeing Area!

Excavator Expert – little digging machinist, exercise manipulative ability!

Online Popular Bridge – get to the bridge, abandon all pressures and worries!

Take your little baby here to have fun! Original ecological fruit picking, beautiful online popular Flower Sea, parent-child recreation programs close to nature, what a terrific scene!


Visiting Strategies

Address: Longhu Ecological Garden, Gaochun District, Nanjing

Date: May 22 – June. 1, 2020

Time: 8:30-19:00

Tel.: 13805142888

Self-driving:  Input “Longhu Ecological Garden” in Navigation

Tips: For the health of other people and you, please keep a distance with other people when entering the park. Proactively present the Jiangsu Health Passage Code, wear a mask and cooperate with temperature measurement.



For the cleanness of the garden, please don’t throw the fruit peels and kernels! When picking the loquats, choose the loquats with the maturity rate of 90%, gently pick and lightly put. Don’t leave too long or too short petiole, you’d better break off from the third section from the bottom. Not only can you maintain the beautiful outlook, but also can reduce the mutual stacking between fruits, for the avoidance of damaging the fruits in shipping.