Beautiful Scenery in Yangzhou After Nightfall

Wen Chang Pavilion

As the symbolic building in Yangzhou, the Wen Chang Pavilion is situated in the center of Yangzhou City, which is also Yangzhou’s business center. The street is crowded with people and vehicles in the daytime and ablaze with lights in the evening. The street lamps in surrounding streets and the lights in Wen Chang Pavilion add to each other’s splendor, which endows the Wen Chang Pavilion with other delights.

Wanfu Bridge

Wanfu Bridge in Yangzhou is unique in its design, which elegantly combines the modern bridging process and classical city tower elements. It is a beautiful and practical landscape bridge. In the evening, Wanfu Bridge resembles a splendid pearl embedded in the Dongcheng District in Yangzhou, which adds glamor to the Yangzhou City.

Dongguan Street

Dongguan Street is the typical old street with time-honored history in Yangzhou City. When the streetlights flicker on, Dongguan Street has unique magnificent scenarios.

Slender West Lake

The Slender West Lake in the evening resembles a colorful picture scroll slowly unfolding its beautiful scenes. The ancient buildings such as Diaoyutai, the White Tower and Wuting Bridge are embedded in the lake like colorful gems.

Ancient Canal

The Ancient Canal along Yangzhou City is the most ancient one among ancient canals, the night scene in the Yangzhou Ancient Canal is worthy of visiting for the tourists. The night scenes with antique beauty inject the Ancient Canal with new vitality and send out a unique charm.