Dongtai Xixi Tourism Cultural Scenic Spot

Xixi, located at the bank of Ancient Salt Canal of West Dongtai City, is the birthplace of Dongtai history and culture and the origin of Sea-salt Culture of Huainan and Huaibei cities. Xixi is also the origin of “Dong Yong Legend”, the national intangible cultural heritage, and enjoys the elegant name of “Root of Dongtai”.

Xixi Tourism Cultural Scenic Spot is situated at the Dongtai City of Jiangsu Province, three areas can be divided from the south to the north: Historical and Cultural Recreation Area, Modern Cultural Recreation Area and Ecological Cultural Recreation Area.

Historical and Cultural Recreation Area is centered on Xixi, millennial ancient town, and creates the historical cultural landscape area that combines with the Xiao Xian Culture, Sea-salt Culture and Buddhist Culture.

Modern Cultural Recreation Area integrates the traditional art and modern culture, and establishes the facilities concerning artistic dissemination, fine appreciation and leisure entertainment.

Ecological Cultural Recreation Area focuses on the Xixi Botanical Garden, and builds the recreation facilities like modern agriculture exhibition, agricultural science education and farming experience sightseeing.

The scenic spot has profound cultural deposits and distinctive thematic features, it’s a comprehensive cultural tourism scenic spot which integrates with the cultural leisure, ancient town tour and Buddhism experience, and also is a National 4A scenic spot.