Changzhou silver noodle

Changzhou silver noodle, one of the top ten snacks, which is the famous snack in Changzhou, Jiangsu. It was created by the Changzhou Weixiangzhai Noodle Restaurant, a century-old shop, in 1912, which enjoys the history of centuries(时态). Directly add egg white in silver noodle, and roll it with fine serrate dough scraper into noodles, thus forming the silver noodle. Because the noodle is as white as silver, and as fine as hair, hence the name.

Silver noodle is famous for “As white as silver, as fine as hair, soft and smooth, and delicate soup flavor”. It is formulated based on the subtle proportion of flour, oil, egg white and water, and also relied on the noodle rolling process which more pursues perfection with better patience than that of common noodles.

The traditional silver noodle shall be matched with white soup, of which, the best soup is chicken soup. Every morning, the Silver Noodle Shop would use the food materials like hens and swine bones to simmer the soup which is both delicious and clear. Now , silver noodle is no longer confined to onefold noodle with soup, they developed new varieties such as mixed noodles, fried noodles, braised noodles, and the pattern of topping is increasingly plentiful.

The spirt of making noodle with a hundred years is inherited by generation after generation, a pasta culture (wheaten-food culture)is formed by growing out of nothing. It has already been integrated into the memory of Changzhou, which is worthy of being the representative snack of Changzhou cuisine.