Suzhou Zhu Hongxing Noodle Restaurant

Not only did the Suzhou enjoy the widespread renown of garden scenery and landscape scenery, but also its pasta, snacks won the praise and admiration from Chinese and foreign tourists. The Zhu Hongxing Noodle Restaurant is Suzhou’s time-honored brand with a history of over 60 years. Zhu Chunhong, the founder, started up a noodle restaurant covering no more than 30 m2 in Mar. 1938, and picked its name as Zhu Hongxing.

Suzhou noodles are particular about the soup, so Zhu Hongxing used the chicken, pork, meat bone, eel bone as the raw materials every day and added water to thoroughly cooked these materials. Only can the soup integrated into the noodles when there are both good soup and thin noodles being prepared, thus the noodles with delicate flavor can be tasted. Zhu Hongxing used the 28-teeth thin noodle, due to the chief cook’s exquisite technology, the noodle is very tasty. Various porcelain bowls and different soup colors are being innovatively adopted to highlight the color, scent, taste and shape of noodles.

The natives in Suzhou were particular about the season of eating before, so they ate different noodle varieties created by Zhu Hongxing as per the different seasons. In the Spring, they chose Three-Prawn Noodles, Shrimp Noodles and Stir-fried Eel Noodles; In the Summer, they often chose the Fengzhen Pork Noodles and Steamed Breads with Vegetables; In the Fall, they ate the Crayfish Noodles, Steamed Buns with Crabmeat Paste, and they would select the Bang Hoof Noodles, all those were palatable pastas and snacks. Nowadays, Zhu Hongxing timely introduces all kinds of seasonal new products with complete pastas regardless of the seasons, so as to meet the tastes of different guests.