A romantic date in Nanjing Rose Garden

This picturesque resort garden is the first leisure and rose-themed manor in Nanjing, which integrates rose planting, R&D and sales of rose series products, tourism, leisure and vacation, science popularization and education and farming experience. Covering nearly 1,000 mu (1 mu = 666.6m2) of rose fields, rose valleys and rose forests, it is characterized by leisure experience, emphasizes cultural creativity and integrates leisure, health preservation and science popularization. The Garden frequently holds colorful rose-themed events to invite tourists to experience rose culture and provides services like catering, fishing, photographing, meeting, wedding and outward bound.

At present, there are dozens of rose varieties in the Garden, including Rose Centifolia, Rosa Damascna, Rose Dianhong, Rosa “Crimson Glory”, Rosa Rugosa Thunb., Rosa Rugosa Plena and Rosa Glaucca Pourr, etc. There are also 500 varieties of Chinese rose, such as: Diana, Carola, Black Magic and Gold Strike; over 200 varieties of European rose, such as: Lady of Shalott, Monet, Pierre de Ronsard, Mona Lisa and Joicy Terrazza and over 30 varieties of Rosa multiflora, such as: Viburnum plicatum, Rosa sweginzowii, Rosa multiflora Thunb. var. carnea Thory and Japanese thornless rose. The Garden has more than 800 varieties, and it is currently a rosaceae science popularization and sightseeing garden in the region.

You can enjoy rose scenery, taste rose food, stay at rose homestay, experience rose products and learn rose culture here!