Wuxi Sunac WanDa Wenhua Hotel

Wuxi Sunac WanDa Wenhua Hotel integrates the beautiful Jiangnan landscape and profound historical culture. The hotel itself combines the brand concept of “feel the charm and open your mind” and interprets the Jiangnan poetic culture of “Chan”.

Based on six-star standards, the guest room area consists of 23 villas with a total of 77 suites. The hotel also has a separate conference center, whose halls and corridors are amazing.

Guests staying at Wanda Wenhua Hotel can take the Wupeng boat from the lobby terminal to the villa area where they live, and enjoy the unique poetic life experience in Jiangnan architectural space with white wall and black tiles.

Each of the three bedrooms has its own merits. You can enjoy the view of the garden through the floor-to-ceiling windows, feel the beauty of the room through the brass-colored gauze, and take a comfortable bath, watching the lake view outside the window. Come here for one night, it is a heaven on earth!

Price: One-bed room 1800-2400/night; two or three-bed room 4800-7200/night

Address: No.1, Sunac Resort, Binhu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province

TEL: 0510-88688888