Liyang Tianmu Lake Hotspring Resort Hotel

Hotspring Resort Hotel is surrounded by tens of thousands of acres of bamboo and many hot springs. With light gray blue tile roof, ivory wall and the exquisite Jiangnan-style interior, the hotel highlights the perfect combination of traditional Chinese Jiangnan architecture and modern decoration. The deep bamboo hot springs and the hotel are integrated into one with fresh air and elegant environment.

Hidden behind Bamboo Forest, accompanied by hot springs, it’s a One-Stop Landscape Tourism Core Hotel, surrounded by two 5A scenic spots. And the Yushui Hot Spring has been warm for years, nourishing the body and mind.

The hotel adopts high standard professional services, 24-hour guestroom butler service, catering, sightseeing and other comprehensive guarantees, which provide you meticulous service and distinguished enjoyment.

Offer you 3 major styles of cooking with thousands of delicate dishes to meet different demands. There are different facilities of sports and recreation equipped with in fine design. You can get together with friends and enjoy the happiness during bathing and sightseeing.

Address: No. 888, Lijiayuan Village, Daibu Town, Liyang

Contact number: 400-188-8588

Price range: 1000-3000 RMB / suite