2023 “Charm of Jiangsu” Magazine Spring Issue Is Launched! Let’s Enjoy the Beauty of Jiangsu in Spring Together.


Spring makes everything gentle and lovely. Recently, the English magazine “Charm of Jiangsu” spring issue has been launched online. It invites readers to enjoy the beauty of spring in Jiangsu and smell the fragrance of flowers, play with the water, explore the secret realm, and experience cultural heritage.

You can go to Tiaozini Wetland to watch birds and see all creatures living freely. You can walk into cities along the Grand Canal dotted with world heritages, to feel the pulse of time. You can also go to gardens to enjoy flowers, go boating on Slender West Lake, and feel the excitement brought by a garden full of spring colors and rippling spring water. Feel free to check out the museums and relish the blended beauty of ancient and modern culture… Follow the magazine and savor Jiangsu’s beautiful time that shines like stars.