Top 3 in International Communication Capacity, "Charm of Jiangsu" Presents the Oriental Charm


Recently, the Culture and Tourism Industry Index Lab released the December 2022 Report on the International Communication Index of Provincial Cultural and Tourism New Media. The report includes five indice, namely the comprehensive communication index, Facebook communication index, Twitter communication index, Instagram communication index, and video platform (YouTube and TikTok) communication index. Jiangsu ranked first in the comprehensive communication index, which means the "all-round champion".

In 2022, Jiangsu's culture and tourism social media platforms outside China ranked among the top 3 in the "Ranking of National Provincial Culture and Tourism New Media International Communication Index" and topped the list several times. Jiangsu frequently ranks first in Facebook post engagement rate and the number of video uploaded overseas, and repeatedly stays among the top three in the international communication capacity of China's cultural and tourism brands. These rankings not only reflect the recognition of mainstream media and industry professionals for Jiangsu Province's overseas new media operations, but also validate the influence of the "Charm of Jiangsu" cultural tourism brand.

KOLs Help to Promote the Tourism Brand via Online Creative Promotion Activities Worldwide

In 2022, with a creative promotion strategy "Charm of Jiangsu" focused on the province's cultural tourism activities and combined with international hot topics to create the "online canal tour" annual event, "Miss Su takes you to discover the beauty of Jiangsu” video series, etc. to actively launch global promotion. The official overseas social media account of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism @VisitJiangsu (Charm of Jiangsu) invited overseas KOLs to plan creative promotion activities such as "Year of Tiger Blessing Relay" and "Foreigners’ travel in Yangzhou" to help expand the international influence of the "Charm of Jiangsu" cultural tourism brand.  

The annual online promotion of @visitjiangsu on overseas social media platform - "Miss Su takes you to discover the beauty of Jiangsu" was successfully held. Miss Su returned to Jiangsu’s overseas social media as a virtual narrator to present the “online tour” to Jiangsu through the AR technology of "virtual character + real scenes", and a variety of creative ways to visit Jiangsu online, setting off an overseas trend of "online tour" to Jiangsu.

During the promotion, @VisitJiangsu presents the unique Jiangsu garden culture through "2D animation +  live-action video", and Miss Su acts as a commentator to lead overseas fans into an immersive "online tour" to Jiangsu. In the video, the Jiangsu gardens are commentated by Miss Su to make them more attractive and beautiful.

Two-way Interaction to Create an Immersive Cultural Travel Experience

@VisitJiangsu (Charm of Jiangsu) upgrades the immersive interactive experience, offering six AR Filters online in 2022 which are used up to 45,000 times. It’s created the "online tour” to Jiangsu through the AR technology of "handheld selfie + virtual scene", and provided several creative ways to upgrade the one-way promotion to two-way interaction, becoming China’s first cultural tourism brand to use interactive technology in overseas social media.

Deepen Diversified Interaction to Strengthen the "Charm of Jiangsu" Cultural Tourism Brand

As a “seasoned" cultural tourism account in overseas social media, @VisitJiangsu deepens the multi-functional interaction, and leverages the various forms of communication on different platforms, such as IG TV, IG Story, Facebook Story etc. to maximize the promotion effect through visual posters + interactive games. It combines Jiangsu features with hot topics to create a variety of online interactive games, like "Your Choice of Jiangsu Folk Custom in the Dragon Boat Festival", "China-Greece Year of Culture and Tourism", "World Water Day - Focus on Charm of Jiangsu”, “Jiangsu Elements Plus and Minus Numbers" and "Children's Day Puzzles at China Dinosaur Park" to increase user stickiness to the platform via interaction. On the other hand, the games introduce Jiangsu’s culture and tourism resources to overseas fans and publicize the province’s culture and tourism.

Upgrade the Visual Design Aesthetics and Innovate the Sensory Promotion on Social Media

In 2022, @visitjiangsu official visual products on overseas social media platforms feature high resolution or original design, the visual design, title and content are closed related. The seasonal promotion is ungraded and cover pictures of four seasons in Jiangsu are made. Visual content changes every day according to different solar terms and festivals. Posters with Jiangsu characteristics are designed to add to Jiangsu’s visual beauty on the social media platforms.

The 4-picture poster design is far different from the previous promotion mode of cultural tourism by interacting with users visually and spreading the central theme of Jiangsu as a good place to live and play. A series of fresh and innovative visual design brings different innovation to the promotion of cultural tourism brand in overseas social media.

By December 2022, @VisitJiangsu had a total of 1.67 million followers on the five major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok), 56.652 million views and 7.917 million interactions. The total number of posts reached 1,246 on the three mainstream social media platforms, and 165 videos were posted on the two major video platforms, which were viewed 4.164 million times. The total number of followers and views on the five major platforms maintained steady growth, and the response rate of follower questions remained above 95%.

In 2022, when displaying the colorful and vivid image of Jiangsu, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism always follows the Jiangsu Province "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Culture and Tourism Development, and launches targeted global promotion events, international promotion campaigns and creates urban cultural atmosphere, publicizing the "Charm of Jiangsu” to usher in the good development trend of "shaping tourism with culture, displaying culture with tourism".

The picturesque scenery and beauty of profound history attract more and more foreign tourists to Jiangsu, which proves the popularity and expanding reputation of the "Charm of Jiangsu" brand abroad. Once again, we sincerely invite you to visit Jiangsu and experience the beautiful scenery, taste, culture and life, and discover beauty.