“Charm of Jiangsu” Held in New York to Celebrate the Spring Festival


January 28-29 witnesses the New York stopover of Travel & Adventure Show, which is the largest and most popular tourism event in America. Gathering over 250 premium destinations, travel agencies, cruise companies and tourism suppliers from all over the world, the event builds bridge of communication for travelers, experts and media.

It is the first time for Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism to make presence at New York Travel& Adventure Show. It is the 2023 debut of Jiangsu Province in America and the one and only exhibitor from China in this event. At the great timing during the Chinese New Year, the event offers a feast of culture and tour from Jiangsu for tourists.

Jiangsu is closely related to the element of water. The event, focusing on water, takes the Grand Canal, Suzhou gardens, Xiaoling Tomb of Ming Dynasty, the habitat of migratory birds in the Yellow Sea (Bohai Sea) of China and other symbols of Jiangsu Province as the primary vision. It shares the beautiful ecological and cultural scenery and traditional intangible cultural heritages in Jiangsu, highlights the distinctive integration of “water+culture”, and greatly improves the reputation of the culture & tour brand “Charm of Jiangsu, More Beautiful with You” in America.

Distributes the English-version culture & tour brochures of Jiangsu Province and its cities, which contain exquisite photos and detailed scripts. Through professional introduction by staff, many tourists are attracted by the unique customs of Jiangsu Province, who come to the booth for inquiry and brochures. The CEO of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), Elizabeth Chin, came to visit the booth and wished that more tourists could learn about the scenery, humanity and customs of Jiangsu Province.

(PATA CEO Elizabeth Chin)

In addition, introduction to the theme tourism products of the Grand Canal presents the magnificent scenery and vivid history & culture of the cities along the Jiangsu section of the Grand Canal to visitors; Through the study tour products, the visitors learn about Jiangsu’s unique marine culture and tourism resources. At present, both products have been launched in MAYI TOURS, a mainstream travel company in the United States.

The event coincides with the Spring Festival. In order to help people have an immersive understanding of Jiangsu culture and the Spring Festival, a special site is arranged for interactive experience of intangible cultural heritages, where visitors are involved in making prints of the Chinese character “福”(good fortune), so as to feel the charm of ancient Chinese woodblock printing. People say “Lucky Year of the Rabbit!” “Happy New Year!” and other blessing words to each other. They hold up the woodblock print “福” in their hands, and enjoy the beautiful Chinese culture together.

The event is three-dimensional and diversified, which not only embodies the profound history and culture of Jiangsu, but also highlights the innovative vitality of the province. It is a wonderful debut of “Charm of Jiangsu, More Beautiful with You” in America. In the future, it will also tell more Jiangsu stories to American tourists and spread Jiangsu culture through a number of other activities. It aims to expand the overseas influence of the “Charm of Jiangsu, More Beautiful with You” brand in other countries, and attract more people to Jiangsu to experience the beautiful scenery, culture, taste and life while gaining beautiful findings.