"Charm of Jiangsu" Starts the "Double Holidays" Travel Surge in the "Poetic Zhejiang"


This event has innovative form and content for promotion. Through the "beautiful scenery, beautiful culture, beautiful taste, beautiful life, beautiful discovery" together with more stylish attractions, unique perspectives, in-depth discovery, diversified products,it comprehensively showcases to friends in Zhejiang the unique "Charm of Jiangsu" and receives enthusiastic response both online and offline.

As the peak season of New Year's Day and Spring Festival comes one after another, the winter travel guide for the 13 cities in Jiangsu - Charm of Jiangsu – Encounter Different Views in Different Cities, Experience Beauty Differently was released, inviting everyone to come to Jiangsu in winter for a carefree trip. Meanwhile, the event also launched a limited number of "Charm of Jiangsu" digital tourism cards at a discounted price. The card is like the social security card and enables the holder to travel around with one card only, and enjoy a travel package of all cultural tourism resources in Jiangsu Province.

During the third "Charm of Jiangsu - More Beautiful with You" Cultural Tourism Promotion Campaign, a number of boutique cafes in Zhejiang will also launch "light and shadow theme space" to exhibit many exquisite tour routes, beautiful scenery, etc. of Jiangsu in an attempt to improve the popularity of "Charm of Jiangsu" tourism brand, and give people the opportunity to have an immersive experience of the "Charm of Jiangsu".