The world's meeting ship is in Qintong. Speaking of meeting ship, it is Qintong


The 15th China Wetland Ecotourism Festival and the 2021 Jiangyan Qintong Boat Festival will be held on April 8 and will last until May. This year's Boat Festival proposed that "the world's boat will be in Qintong. Speaking of the boat will be Qintong". During the event, in addition to the regular boat show, there are 10000 rounds of ancient mountain tea sightseeing Festival, the global tour activity known as "spring on the weir", the "2833, Lake Cup" decided by the group battle of Chinese chess women's chess players, and other activities. In this sightseeing Festival and Boat Festival, the sightseeing culture that can only be touched by Jiangyan and Qintong will be displayed to tourists.