Open Your Heart and Feel the Colors and Temperature of Winter in Yancheng

Nature never cheats Yancheng. The charm of the World Natural Heritage extends from spring to winter, where migratory birds come and go to recuperate for their next journey. Milu deer tread the snow leisurely to enjoy the tranquil moment. People are always expecting and curious about snow. When snow comes, the world of ice and snow opens up the valve of joy. After a cold day, people long for the healing power of hot springs, no matter when and where, "health preservation" is the eternal topic.

Searching for the Wonderland of Cranes and Deer  - Red-crowned Crane Reserve + Wild Milu Park

A scenery that you can't see in other seasons is the fiery red Artemisia halodendron. This "weed", which is ordinary in spring, summer, autumn and winter, gradually takes on a bright color after winter and covers vast areas. So the mudflats are seemingly splashed with red ink, presenting bright-colored beauty. The red-crowned cranes patrol the mudflats, sometimes feeding leisurely in the water, or flapping their wings. In Yancheng Red-crowned Crane Nature Reserve, you can also start a bird watching tour to find not only the red-crowned cranes, but also white-head cranes, Mergus squamatuses, Reed Parrotbills and other rare animals.

Another wetland celebrity is the milu that, with a history of more than 4,000 years, returned to the wetlands of Yancheng only 100 years ago and inhabits the Chinese Milu Park. Even though they have long hard antlers and look intimidating, they like sticking to people for some tasty snacks. Unbelievable? Just take a carrot and they will come to you. 

Wetland is a precious resource of the earth, regulating the climate and improving the natural environment, where animals thrive and give back to nature in a harmonious and happy place. Such wonderland of crane and milu is important in Yancheng, in wetlands, and in the hearts of people to protect nature.

Indulge in the World of Snow and Ice - Jinshahu Tourism Resort

Snow is very fascinating to people, even if we omit the completely different views before and after snowing, games like snowball fights, building snowmen and making snowballs are the love of people. This is fun given by natural that no other weather can offer, allowing everyone, regardless of age, to be carefree and immerse themselves in joy. A winter holiday in Yancheng, of course, cannot miss the "ski resort". 

Jinsha Lake Ski Resort has over 20,000 square meters of snow field, which is a winter snow tourism project unique in Jiangsu, and it is undoubtedly as good as the snow resorts in northern China. Ski area, snow park and snow sculpture park are all available. Although the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games have come to an end, the charm of winter sports will not dissipate. Why not enjoy the unique winter beauty at Jinsha Lake and find the pure childhood joy? 

Indulge in Health Spa - Yangshi Ecological Park + Qianhe Bay Hot Spring Town

"Find some leisure in a busy life". Ever since ancient times, people have always wanted to find a moment's leisure in their busy lives. Whether it is a cup of tea in the afternoon or flower viewing in spring, we always want ritual that soothes the heart in daily life. Hot springs are also one of the best choices for winter.

The enjoyment of hot spring rests in the naturalness. Bask in warm spring water, the minerals start to act on the skin, and the warmth from the earth's core starts to get rid of the cold around people. Yangshi Ecological Park has a variety of springs such as hydrotherapy pool, fish pool, goose pool, high-temperature pool, medium-temperature pool, etc. to meet different needs. What is more special is that it also has a hot spring water park, so that children can have the joy of playing in water even in cold winter. 

If you take your parents with you, it is more suitable for you to go to the Qianhe Bay Hot Spring Town. The hot spring water from 1600 meters underground, combined with the health benefits mentioned in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, gives people a different hot spring experience. In addition, there are many attractions such as lake view, migratory birds watching, culture of traditional Chinese medicine, fishing, as well as all kinds of facilities for the elders, which are very conducive to senior citizens' activities. Qianhe Bay is like a showplace of recreation, allowing people to enjoy a pleasant time in the mist of hot springs.