Suzhou - Travel by High-speed Rail, a Heartwarming Tour to Zhangjiagang in Winter

High-speed rail is a very comfortable and romantic way to travel. When the sunlight shines through the windows, the mood lifts with the high-speed train. Let's take a trip on the high-speed train together. This time the destination is Zhangjiagang, "a city in the second batch of high-speed rail tourist cities in the Yangtze River Delta". Zhangjiagang in winter is “heartwarming”. The scenery along the way and the great food have the recuperative power for any wounds.

Hot Spring: Golden Phoenix Hot Spring Resort

Immerse your whole body in hot water, enjoy leisure time. You may daze, enjoy the scenery, empty your mind, what a wonderful time! Covering 80,000 square meters, Zhangjiagang Golden Phoenix Hot Spring Resort is designed with the Chinese Zen style and built with ingenious and exquisite landscape. It’s quiet in the bustling city, boasting pleasant landscape throughout the year. 

The hot spring here is known as the "No.1 spring in southern Jiangsu", which contains many active trace elements, mainly fluorine and radium. These elements are rare minerals, so it is also known as the "Fountain of Youth".

Mutton Soup: Yongtai Mutton Restaurant

Please come to Zhangjiagang Yongtai Mutton Restaurant for a bowl of mutton soup. Sit around the mutton hot pot, drink a bowl of steaming mutton soup, take a bite of the tender and delicious mutton to instantly feel that the winter is no longer cold.

The stock is all made from goat bones, with the least amount of seasoning, to bring out the most original taste of goat soup. Each piece of goat skin is connected to a piece of mutton, and the chef's knife skills are the added bonus to the mutton pot. The unique fragrance of the mutton from the hot soup makes the dish more mouthwatering. 

Warm Accommodation: Hentique Resort & Spa

Hentique Resort & Spa is a quiet and beautiful golf resort hotel, with island scenery and 27-hole golf course, which makes a real escape from the busy life. The hotel has a beautiful environment and full-fledged facilities, where you can enjoy the green dishes from Shuangsan Island with your family, and then have a poetic dream under the starry sky when night falls.