The Winter Rituals Start from a Bowl of Mutton Soup in the Zhenjiang Restaurant

As the weather gets cold, Zhenjiang people start looking for mutton to eat. After all, a piece of mutton warms up the whole body. When it comes to mutton in Zhenjiang, the Zhenjiang Restaurant must be mentioned. It offers a variety of mouth-watering dishes and is crowded with diners at meal time.

The Zhenjiang Restaurant offers seasonal specialty - mutton soup whose ingredients are from Ruli, Zhenjiang. Because of favorable natural environment for the goats to grow, the mutton soup has the truest mutton flavor, creamy white color and smooth mouthfeel with a mouth-watering smell.

The signature lamb shank soup has tender lamb shank in it, which gives the soup the full savoriness of lamb shank without the gamey taste of lamb. With an entire lamb shank to nibble at, drinking soup and eating two Jingjiang Cakes, nothing is more satisfying. The signature mutton soup has authentic taste and is definitely worth a try.