Featured Bookstores In Nanjing

The fragrance of books is always worthy of love and cherishing. The bookstore in our memory is firmly in minds, and it will not be erased in the whole life. There are a variety of bookstores in Nanjing, among which there is always a special one to you.

Librairie Avant-garde of Wutaishan is in an underground parking lot transformed from a bomb shelter. There are second-hand bookstore areas, creative product exhibition halls, art cafes and so on. As one of the 17 “World’s Coolest Bookstores” selected by CNN, Librairie Avant-garde has become an important cultural landmark in Nanjing, attracting readers from all over the country and abroad.

Librairie Avant-garde —— Bug Bookstore is the only bug-themed bookshop in the world. A book has complete preface and catalogue, in fact, each articles of which is a trace of a bite or crawling of a bug. This “Bug Book” has also won the Silver Award in 2017 “The World’s Most Beautiful Book”!

The 24-hour Fenghuangyun Bookshop adapts to the modern lifestyle and combines traditional reading with stylish life. Here, readers can enjoy delicious teas and desserts in the coffee area, as well as a wide variety of high-quality art exhibitions and hand-made courses from time to time.