Xunwei·12 Jinling dishes in Nanjing

Huaiyang cuisine is one of the four traditional cuisines in China, which is known as “the best taste in the southeast and the most beautiful in the world”.

Xunwei means searching for taste. It aims to inherit the ancient methods of cuisine and transcend the taste of the dish. The founder of Xunwei·12 Jinling dishes is Wei Xuelin. He is good at adding some new elements into the traditional Huaiyang cuisines and integrating them with the improved cooking techniques of Western dishes to give them good looks and smells as well as a sense of ritual. The design of those dishes is imaginative and creative.

The exterior of the restaurant is quite ROC style, with blue bricks, fan-shaped lamps and bamboo sheds.

The container of the appetizing fruits is an ancient make up box which is exquisite and beautiful, inheriting the ancient charm of Jiangnan.

Most of its cuisines are Huaiyang style with local food materials in Nanjing and special tastes.

Shrimp with Yuhua tea is made by a unique tea in Nanjing, which is full of refreshing and fragrant smell of the tea.

Large Meatballs with Vegetables is strictly made by 40 percent fat meat and 6o percent of lean meat and is stewed for four hours. It is very soft and delicious.

Huaiyang Shredded Dried Tofu consists of delicate shredded toufu and soups for hours, which is fresh and appetizing.

In addition, there are also many dishes such as Squirrel-shaped Fried Fish, Jinling Fried Tofu and Pig Intestine, Gourd-shaped Duck with Fillings of Rice and Meat, and Yuhua stone dumpling. The raw materials are mainly fresh, and the selection of them is strict. Detailed knifework, skillful setting, and the perfect color collocation make Huaiyang cuisine a finely crafted craft, which is highlighting the Jinling food culture.

Address: No. 27, Wuban Bridge, East Zhonghua Gate, Qinhuai District, Nanjing (the new restaurant in 1912 block will be open on Sep.1st)