Jinling Traditional Chinese Medical Massage

Nanjing has been a place gathering of talents since ancient times, with the traditional Chinese medicine culture of long standing and famous doctors having come forth in large numbers. The famous Nanjing City TCM Hospital, located at the bank of Qinhuai River,  the Confucius Temple, is right a significant place to inherit Jinling TCM pulse. At this place of ancient Chinese medicine and medical environment created by famous TCM physicians, Zhu Jinshan has achieved his dream as a massage master.


In 2016, Jinling TCM massage skill was selected into Jiangsu Province intangible cultural heritage representative works list.

Massage is a kind of non -pharmic naturopathy. It is the method to use skills including to push, hold, lift, pinch, massage, click and pat etc. by hands onto the main and collateral channels, acupuncture points in human body, so as to realize physiotherapy. In 1962, Zhu Jinshan established Massage Department until he got retired in 1987, and he has created “Zhu’s massage therapy”.

In 1979, assisted by physicians including his assistant Zhou Hualong, he conducted therapy on multiple common diseases including allergic colitis, habitual constipation, acute lumbar muscle sprain, facial paralysis and infantile diarrhea, infantile enuresis, pediatric torticollis etc. In 1980, he treated acute lumbar muscle sprain and the cure rate reached 96% from systematic observation on 200 cases, the physician Zhou Hualong and his tutor released academic paper on this aspect.

Zhu Jinshan is not only exquisite in medial skill, but also has broad and profound medical theory. Since 1963, he has taken utmost care to clear up his own medical experience for many years, wrote two works, including Zhu Jinshan Massage Collection, his academic monograph published by Jiangsu Technology Publishing House has produced greater influences nationwide. He has also attended to complete the reading task for Chinese Massage Medical Journal. In succession, he has wrote 132 essays and introduced “Zhu’s massage therapy” in details.