“Golden Afghanistan” Special Exhibition In Nanjing

On July 8, the “Golden Afghanistan – Crossroads of Ancient Civilizations” exhibition opened at the Nanjing Museum Special Exhibition Hall.

Since 2006, these cultural relics have been on tour in China. The Nanjing Museum is the 26th and also the last site in China mainland.

A total of 231 pieces (sets) of cultural relics in the Afghan Bactria Kingdom, the Kushan Empire and other periods are displayed, such as gold crown, gemstone pendant and bronze statue reflecting the features of Greek, Persian, Egyptian, Indian, Chinese civilization and the different aspects of splendid Afghan culture.

In the exhibition hall, a gold five-tree shaped crown is still dazzling after 2000 years. Its branches, leaves and flowers are made of extremely thin gold pieces with flashes, which make it more brilliant and luxurious.

Visitors can also see the cultural relics related to China here. The gold boot buckle on display are engraved with exquisite cars. The shape of the roof cover is very similar to that of the Chinese Han Dynasty. The rider is also dressed and looks like a person in Han Dynasty.

It is because when Zhangqian of the Han Dynasty first came to the Western Region, he reached the Kingdom of Bactria (the northeastern region of Afghanistan) that was one of the most important transit stations on the Silk Road and brought the ancient Chinese culture there.