Chinese Papercuts

Papercuts refer to handicrafts made by cutting paper with scissors to form different patterns and pasting them on walls, windows, doors and ceilings.

With their long history, papercuts, which originated in China, have been very popular among the ordinary people of China. The first papercut can be traced back to the Northern and Southern Dynasties(386-581)period. The initiation and spread of papercuts has a close relationship with Chinese rural festicals. People pasted papercuts on walls, windows and doors at wedding cere monies or festival to enhance the feistival atmosphere.

Chinese Papercuts 剪纸

Chinese papercuts are rich in content. The auspicious designs symbolize good luck and the avoidance of evil. The child, lot us and bottle gourd designs suggest a family with a large number of children and grand children. Domestic birds, livestock, fruit, fish and worms are also familiar objects depicted by Chinese. Papercuts are simple and bold; papercuts in Jiangsu are delicate and fine.