Manufacture Skill of Jinling Folding Fan

Jinling Folding Fan, as the traditional art and craft in the Nanjing area of China, is a kind of foldable fan that uses the bamboo as its frameworks, tough paper or silk damask as its fan section. It is the traditional cooling utilities and also the art appreciation product. The main varieties contain bamboo folding fan, wooden folding dan, silk mandarin fan, etc.

As early as the Song Dynasty, Nanjing Folding Dan Manufacture Industry was known far and wide, which reached the golden age in the development of Jinling Folding Fan. In 2009, Jinling Folding Fan was successfully being enrolled in the Non-material Cultural Heritage List of Jiangsu Province.

Jinling Folding Fan was most particular about the framework materials and carvings. Many famous fan manufacturers adopt the precious materials concerning ivory, hawksbill, rosewood to produce the fan framework, and also carve the patterns on the edge of framework. Some folding fans use the full carving process, and the carved floral & plant patterns are very exquisite.

The manufacturing steps of Jinling Folding Fan include producing framework of fan, making fan section and piecing fan section. The most important process is manufacturing the framework of fan. It includes 43 small steps like material selection, material cutting and chopping, and fire mastering. The fan section manufacture needs the multiple processes, including material selection, paper cutting, section pasting, edge folding. The manufactured fan section with calligraphy and painting is full of artistic charm. Piecing fan section is the last process of combining the framework with the section of the folding fan.

A tinny folding fan, based on the ingenuity of fan artist and elaborate layout of section drawing, can condense China’s profound traditional culture and present the colorful art worlds.