Zhouzhuang Blossom Hill Inn·Seasonland

Among the water towns in Jiangnan area, Zhouzhuang is the most famous one. When it comes to the best place to stay, Blossom Hill Inn is a must. The predecessor of the inn was built in the early years of the Republic of China, which is a real original water town life.

The inn is located at No. 110, Zhongshi Street, Zhouzhuang Ancient Town, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. It is in the Zhenhe Residence next to the Sanmao Tea House with fewer tourists so that the atmosphere there is more relaxing.

Seasonland is designed by a French team who combined European leisure with Chinese style. The interior lighting is soft and the lighting decorations in each room are different. Blossom Hill Inn provides ample communication space for guests with benches and couches, cushions, and wooden lattice windows in front and back of them which are both airy and bright.

Blossom Hill Inn has a wide variety of flowers, including Margaret, Lavender, and Marigold. Whether inside or outside the house, people can smell the aroma of the four seasons all year round. The names of the rooms are also flowers, such as snow lotus, Begonia, mallow and so on.

During the day, you can drink some tea in the inn or read some books. If you get tired, you can also leaning on the bank of the river, watching the ship comes and goes. In the afternoon, you can do a spa or yoga to relax yourself. At night, try the dishes made in the hotel’s Jugeng restaurant, which are just home-cooked but especially delicious.

Slow life: Huajian Reading Bar (inside the hotel), Sanmao Tea House (about 20-meter walk), Ma Xiaohui Cultural Salon (about 140-meter walk).