Suzhou Jinji Lake Grand Hotel

Suzhou Jinji Lake Grand Hotel, with a land area of about 50.90 hectares, is located between the two natural lakes: Jinji Lake and Dushu Lake. Adjacent to a golf course with 27 holes built according to the international campaign standards, it is faced with the waters in three sides and surrounded by the scenes, with an extremely wide lake view and wonderful garden scene. Its grand and classic design is integrated with the natural view, quietly elegant and noble.

The hotel has a first-class international design and business operation team, providing every guest with an enjoyment of the noble courtesy from its unique view design to the amazing demonstration of its interior decoration with advanced modern supporting facilities, as well as its east delicate private first-class service.

Price: 2360-5760RMB

Address: No.168, Guobin Road, Suzhou Industrial Park

Tel: 86-512-6288 7878