Jiming Temple Vegetarian Diet

Inherit the thousand-year vegetarian diet culture and succeed traditional vegetarian diet cooking skill.

In the 1980’s, Jiming Temple began to have a vegetarian restaurant of various tastes formally.

Based on reserving the temple’s vegetarian diet flavor, by combing with the taste and flavor from the court and folk vegetarian diet, the temple promotes refined dishes of vegetarian diet and vegetarian diet culture gifts of its own characteristics to meet modern people’s pursuit for green and healthy food, interpret the original culture concept that returns to nature, returns health and protects the earth environment.

For vegetarians, they should pay special attention to control the total diet energy during cooking, esp. the acceptable daily intake of sugar and cooking oil, eat sweet food as little as possible and have light cooking. Dominated by natural vegetables, the vegetarian diet here is not the easily digested food we see in the market such as the finely processed white flour, cake etc.; instead, it contains natural cereals, wholemeal flour products, beans, green or yellow vegetables etc. All food made from animals and shallot plants including shallots, garlic and onions should be avoided.

The antique Jiming Temple, the heavy shade of green trees all over the mountain and by leaning on the lake and facing the city, all these show green and airy sky, a picturesque and gorgeous scenery. With a very long history and enjoying great reputation, Jiming Temple vegetarian diet is a famous vegetarian diet brand in Nanjing City and has been listed as Nanjing City intangible cultural heritage.


Sweet-and-sour sweet-scented osmanthus fish, cooked by bean product

Vegetarian noodle

Shudi fragrance emitting: vegetarian ham, red or green peppers

Add: 1, Jiming Temple, Xuanwu District, Nanjing City (near Jiefangmen)