Huai'an Chasab was created in the late Qing Dynasty with a history of over one hundred years.

Huai’an Chasan, a famous snack in Huaiyang Cuisine, also being called as “Xihuanbing”, which is made with white fine flour, pull out the fine flour silk like flax thread, and then circle around the palm to make a four inch long and one inch wide ring. The rings are connected in a comb shaped and chrysanthemum shaped mesh pattern, and then they are being soaked and fried in the sesame oil pan.

Huai’an Chasab was created in the late Qing Dynasty with a history of over one hundred years. Because the surname of the person who adept at making Chasan at that time is Yue. Thus, Chasan was also being called “Yuejia Chasan”, and it is also being called as “Gulou Chasan” by some people for the Yue family’s homestead was close to the Drum Tower of Huai’an City.

Chasan featuring an abundant fragrant flavor, promoting fluid and appetizing, as fine as flax thread. It is crisp and easy to disperse, soft and refreshing. Chasan has diversified shapes and varieties, and the shapes like comb-shaped, chrysanthemum-shaped, fan-shaped, lotus-shaped, pagoda-shaped can be produced.Because the Chasan contains a lot of oil, it should not be stored for a long time. It’s better to eat at the moment of making. Chasan can not only be eaten dry, but also can be soaked in water and served as a dish. The dry eating is mostly served with wine. Water soaked Chasan is pliable and fragrant, which has a special taste when it is put into the dishes.

Nowadays, people in Jianghuai area often bring Chasan as gifts to their relatives and friends, and those who come to Huai’an always bring some boxes of Chasan as a souvenir.

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