Appreciate beauty of amorous feelings of Charm of Water culture in jiangsu.

To 700 years at the forefront of landing on the silk road and life in China in the 17 years of the travels of Marco Polo wrote travel cities in jiangsu as the main line, combined with jiangsu world heritage, world classics, world famous, world food city, hometown of celebrities, garden ancient town, silk culture, landscape culture, canal culture, scenic spots and historical sites, such as representative cultural element, transfer era of jiangsu century charm and flavor, hoping to attract more international friends walking on the road of the eastern and western communication and field experience jiangsu humanities landscape scenery beauty, appreciate beauty of amorous feelings of shui yun culture in jiangsu.

D1 Beijing entry, high-speed train to “Oriental Athens, the land of emperors” Xuzhou, transfer by bus to the hotel. Dinner in Xuzhou (taste Xuhai cuisine), stay in Xuzhou.


D2 Visit Aishan, a national 4A scenic spot — Suqian, the capital of Chinese baijiu; visit Dragon King Temple, a world cultural heritage; visit Yanhe Distillery, an international famous wine — Huai ‘an, the capital of Chinese canal. Suqian for lunch, Huai ‘an for dinner (taste Huaiyang famous dishes), live in Huai ‘an.


D3 The hometown of Zhou Enlai, the founding premier of China — the former residence of Wu Cheng ‘en, the author of Journey to the West, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of China — Baoying Lake National Wetland Park — the world cultural heritage of Gaoyou Yuchengyi — the world cultural heritage of Shuizhen Guosi Pagoda. Lunch at Baoying, dinner at Gaoyou (double yolk eggs), stay at Gaoyou.


D4 Gaoyou — Taizhou Visit the Mausoleum of Shi Naian, the author of Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Books of China — Marco Polo Memorial Hall — Experience the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Engraving Printing — Ship Tour to the Grand Canal, the World Cultural Heritage. Lunch in Taizhou, dinner experience the world food capital of Huaiyang cuisine culture, live in Yangzhou.

D5 taste yangzhou morning tea, the world cultural heritage of yangzhou, Chinese history and culture MingJie dongguan street, tang monk set sail distinguishing dongdu Japan pachyrhizus chau ancient cross – 2021 world horticultural expo venue, yizheng, corporation to visit the park – the city of mountain forest park expo garden or yangzhou jiangsu yangzhou, zhenjiang lunch dinner zhenjiang taste “zhenjiang three strange”, live in zhenjiang.

D6 Zhenjiang Chinese Vinegary Culture Museum — one of the four Chinese folk love legends, the origin of “White Snake” Jinshan — the world’s largest city wall Nanjing Ming Dynasty City Wall, Xuanwu Lake — Nanjing Yunbrocade Research Institute Visiting the world intangible cultural heritage Yunbrocade production process — National 5A scenic spot Changzhou Tianmu Hunan Mangsteen Sea. Lunch in Nanjing, dinner in Changzhou Liyang (taste Tianmu Lake casserole fish head and other local specialties), live in Changzhou Liyang.


D7 National 5A Scenic Spot: Tianmu Lake Nanshan Bamboo Sea in Changzhou — “Heaven on Earth” Suzhou; Visit the Humble Administrator’s Garden, a world cultural heritage and one of the four famous gardens in China — Wujiang, one of the four silk capitals in China; Visit Tongli Ancient Town, one of the six ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River, to experience the pleasure of silk culture. Lunch in Changzhou, dinner in Suzhou (Suxi cuisine), stay in Suzhou.


D8 Suzhou — Shanghai Pudong Airport for departure, ending your trip to Jiangsu, China.

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