Located in Taihou City, Xinghua is an ancient town with a history of over 2,000 years. It situates at the central region of Lixia River, so within its territory, there is a large and complex network of lakes, harbors, branches, etc., making the city “a place nourished by water” indeed. The city is known as the “land of milk and honey”, and “Sea of Golden Rape Flowers in Xinghua” (Qiandao Rape Flower) has earned global reputation as one of the top four “The Sea of Flowers” in the World. 

Main body

“Duo”, which means raised wetland fields, is a unique agricultural landscape in the Lixia River Region. About 750 years ago, due to a lack of soil in Xinghua District, people started to excavate the underwater mud in the lake and swamp area. The mud piled up and formed “Duo”, which later became plowable fields as time passes by.


Qianduo Scenic Area


The core of Qianduo Scenic Area covers an area of 300,000 square meters. There are thousands of raised wetland fields in different sizes and shapes, which are not connected with each other. Looking around, the piled fields are floating on the rivers, as if islands on the water, forming the view of wonders and entitling the area the name of “country of countless islands”.


Every year in April, when spring comes, the golden rape flowers will bloom in the raised wetland fields with water surrounding the four sides. The “golden islands” floating under the blue sky and in the green rivers form an eye-catching oil painting. In this way, the raised fields are presenting marvelous landscape in the form of “thousands of islands with golden rape flowers”, making it “the most beautiful sea of blooming rape flowers in China”. The “sea of golden rape flowers in Xinghua” (Qiandao Rape Flowers), together with Provence Lavender Garden, Dutch Tulip Flower Sea, and Kyoto Cherry Blossoms, constitutes four “The Sea of Flowers” in the World.


The tourists can go to the sightseeing tower and enjoy the marvelous scene of yellow flowers blooming on raised wetland fields up high and snap for impressive “golden photos” of the spring. Or they can also take a swaying boat, to enjoy the golden view from another perspective. A trip in the boat through the raised fields is like a trip in the maze. The spring breeze over the rape flowers from both sides brings you the refreshing smell of flowers and mud, making the experience extremely comfortable.


As the slight flower scent gets over the chaotic thoughts and the messy mind gradually calms down while enjoying the beautiful view of spring, deep down in our heart, the brightest color has been painted and memorized forever.

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