The "five reds" often spoken in Jiangsu people's mouth are "roasted duck, edible amaranth, red oil duck eggs, lobsters and ricefield eel".

Peach son red, apricot yellow, fifth is the son of DuanYang, zongzi incense, packet five grain, wrapped candy strip a zongzi, a happy life million older, wish you happy Dragon Boat Festival!

The “five reds” often spoken in Jiangsu people’s mouth are “roasted duck, edible amaranth, red oil duck eggs, lobsters and ricefield eel”.

It is said that the Dragon Boat Festival has eaten this “five red”, and it can avoid evil and summer heat throughout the summer.

Edible amaranth

Edible amaranth is the most “senior” of the “five red”. Pan Zongding recorded in the “Jinling Years” that in the past, Nanjing people would eat edible amaranth on the Dragon Boat Festival, which is said to avoid abdominal pain.

In summer, people sweat a lot, and eating more leeks can not only enhance physical fitness, improve immunity, but also reduce weight and detoxification. In particular, leeks are rich in calcium and iron that are easily absorbed by the body. They can promote the growth of children’s teeth and bones, as well as prevent anemia. It is an excellent summer seasonal health vegetable.

Roast Duck

Duck meat is rich in 8 kinds of amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and various nutrients, which are easy to digest and absorb, reduce blood fat, reduce blood viscosity, and prevent diabetes and skin diseases caused by reduced immunity.

When eating roast duck, it is served with green onion, garlic and cucumber strips, which not only balances acid and alkali, but also vitamin C and dietary fiber in these foods have the functions of lowering cholesterol, increasing fibrinolytic activity and helping digestion.


Duck egg

Red oil duck eggs are also one of the “five red”. Around the Ching Ming Festival, the folks began to pick up a batch of duck eggs, because at this time, “clear eggs, good meals.” Duck eggs are marinated to the Dragon Boat Festival, salty and moderate, just eaten. The best salted duck egg red heart oil, is the summer calcium supplement.

Jiangsu people not only like to eat hot rice at the table with salted duck eggs. In the past, they also liked to put on the colorful thread and put the salted duck eggs inside to hang on the child’s chest or wrist.


Ricefield eel

After a winter of storage and a spring recovery, coupled with warmer weather, rich food sources, the ricefield eel in the Dragon Boat Festival is particularly strong and fat, and at this time the succulent meat is tender and tender, which is the best time to eat. At this time, the jaundice is still very supplementary. The ancient medical books have also been recorded. The function of jaundice is to compensate for the deficiency, except for rheumatism and strong bones.


The lobster has entered the “five reds” for the shortest time. It has been on the table of Nanjing people since the 1970s, and has gradually replaced the “oily shrimp” and become the new favorite of “Five Red”. The amino acid composition of lobster is better than meat. It contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids which are necessary for human body and cannot be synthesized or synthesized in the body. It is rich in fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D.

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