The decoration design theme of Suzhou Rail Transit Line 3 is "Wudi Regional Culture, Joyful Tour To Suzhou City."

The decoration design theme of Suzhou Rail Transit Line 3 is “Wudi Regional Culture, Joyful Tour To Suzhou City.”In the line, it extracts the local humanity and natural image characteristics, and then combines the ancient charm with the new style, and finally uses the “combination of inter-promoting relation” as the basic method of station decoration design.

Tangzhuang Station:Trees Shade the Street

As for the design of Tangzhuang Station, it focuses on and refines the green trees in nature, abstracts the crown of the tree into a triangular ceiling on the top surface, and abstracts the “luxuriant foliage” into the hollowed-out green light in the column, reflecting the “Trees Shade the Street” in pale green wall of the station in the forest.

Dongfangzhimen Station:Underneath the Stars

The Dongfangzhimen Station is designed to integrate the shape of the Dongfangzhimen into the station space. The irregular diamond-shaped luminous block above represents the sparkling lake of Jinji Lake beside the Dongfangzhimen, and the ceiling also shows the starry sky above the Dongfangzhimen.

Ligongdi West Station:Glistening

In Ligongdi West Station, it has deployed a suspension type installation art titled Glistening. In the design, it extracts the abstract language of water ripples, and uses simple, flexible and casual natural methods to clarify the attributes of Ligongdi.

Xijinqiao Station:Jiangnan Ancient Building

In the Xijin Bridge Station, it takes the local traditional architectural elements of Suzhou as an entry point, and integrates modern elements, thus forming a unique visual impact through the mixed use of various styles of ceilings.

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