Yangzhou city is as old as the Grand Canal. Italian explorer Marco Polo has serves in Yangzhou for three years.

Yangzhou city is as old as the Grand Canal. The canal brought Yangzhou prosperity and made a name for the place, enabling it to become a window for ancient China’s communications with the outside world. Italian explorer Marco Polo resided in Yangzhou for three years, describing the city as vast and sprawling, housing many wealthy businesses. The city’s Geyuan Garden, Merchant Wang’s Residence, and Salt Merchant Lu’s Residence have all been listed as canal heritage sites.



Located to the southern end of the Jianghuai Plain, Yangzhou has four well-defined seasons, a moderate climate as well as advantageous natural conditions. The annual average temperature is 14.8℃. Compared with places of the same latitude, the city experiences chilly winters and hot summers.


Best Tourist Season

Spring is the peak tourist season for Yangzhou, and is also the best time for travelling there. Between April 18 and May 18, the “Yangzhou Flower Burst Festival” is held. During this period, the place experiences what is known as JiangNan’s famous misty rainfall as well as the rare viburnum blossoms which fill the air with fragrance. Spring in Yangzhou is the golden season for travel.


From September 8 to October 8, Yangzhou Culture Festival is held. Enjoying the moon is one of the most popular activities as well as visiting the gorgeous gardens, taking the same boat trip which the Emperor Qianlong enjoyed in ancient times, enjoying a night tour on the Grand Canal and experiencing the delights on offer at the food festival.

Transport links:


Yangzhou Taizhou Airport located in Dinggou Town, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province.


1. Yangzhou Railway Station is in Hanjiang District, 8 km from the downtown Yangzhou

2. Jiangdu Railway Station, this is located at the northern End of Xindu North Road, North District, Fairy Town, Jiangdu District.


Recommended Tourist Itineraries

2-day Tour of Delicacy in Jiangsu

Day1: Doing sightseeing on the Ancient Grand Canal and tasting delicious Huaiyang Cuisine at Yangzhou State Guesthouse

Day2: Drinking morning tea at a teahouse, and visiting Slender West Lake, the Lus Old House and Yangzhou Museum


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