Facing the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Japan across the sea, Lianyungang boats the beauty of both mountains and the sea. It has been an important port city since ancient times. Being the bridgehead of the new Eurasia Conomic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.


As a coastal city, Lianyungang won the award of “China’s Best 10 Environment Tourist City” in 2013. The highest peak of Jiangsu-the Yunu Peak, Huaguo Mountain and Shuilian Cave, which are famous sports in the famous drama “Journey to the West”, are located in Yuntai Moutain, Lianyungang. Other attractions include Lian Island Seanside Resort, and Fishing Bay Scenic Area.




Lianyungang Baitabi Airport is about 30 kilometers from the city center. Civil aviation airport to reach the international 4D standards, opened to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other more than 10 routes. In December 2010, opened to Seoul, South Korea route.

Huaguo Shan International Airport under construction, plans to become second only to the Nanjing Lukou International Airport and southern Jiangsu Sunan International Airport, the third largest international airport.


Lianyungang has 2 passenger stations: LianYunGang East Railway Station and LianYunGang Railway Station. They all can be directly to the country’s large and medium cities, Lianyungang City, the tourist can get off at the LianYunGang Railway Station.


Highway external traffic has been fully realized, the density in the country, among the best in the province, 204 national highway passing through, is one of the country’s 45 major highway hub.


Recommended Tourist Itineraries:

Three-day Eco-tour in Lianyungang

Day1: Flower and Fruit Mountain and Donghai Cryrtal City

Day2: Lianyungang: Kongwang Mountain Scenic Zone, Suma Bay Ecopark, and Haitanglu Seafood Delicacy Street

Day 3: Lianyungang-Shanghai: Donghai Hot Spring Zone

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