In Zhenjiang, the Sesame Oil Sanzi is made of exquisite materials, with the required materials like the finest white noodles and small ground sesame oil, so the Sanzi is crispy and fragrant, and the more you chew, the more fragrant they are. The natives in Zhenjiang have three ways to eat sesame oil Sanzi: One is dry chewing, the other is water boiling, and the last is adding dishes.

Sesame oil Sanzi, after just being taken out of the oil pot, tastes crispy and refreshing, and it is most suitable for dry chewing. The natives in Zhenjiang often take it as a snack at their leisure time. When chewing dry, the sesame oil Sanzi can be more appetizing and crisp of chewing, so that the diners can truly enjoy this experience.

People often choose to eat boiled sesame oil Sanzi as a supplementary food when they are hungry, either as breakfast or as an afternoon snack. Some people cook Sanzi in the way like cooking noodles. They put the sesame oil Sanzi in a boiling water pot and put it in a bowl. They add salt, sugar or other seasonings. Some people choose a simpler way, they often break the sesame oil Sanzi and place them in a large bowl, add sugar, pour boiled water, and cover the lid for a while, just like people making instant noodles.

About the Sesame Oil Sanzi, it is an innovative dish, which can be fried with spinach and mung bean sprouts, and be cold mixed with lettuce, shepherd’s purse, celery and preserved egg. The Sesame Oil Sanzi can be added to make soup together with spinach, shepherd’s purse and other vegetables. It can be used as delicious dish and staple food.


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