China Populus Museum is the only global theme museum of populus.

China Populus Museum, covering an area of 62 acres, with a total investment of 35 million yuan, completed and opened in 2007, is the only global theme museum of populus. According to the idea of “building comprehensive green open exhibition center”, the museum is planned and constructed to include the main exhibition hall, tissue culture rooms, intelligent greenhouse, populus varieties park. The main exhibition hall, having nine gallery of the populus origin, the international exhibition, populus life, the populus in China, the populus and Siyang, the culture and arts, the craft highlights, the cultivation and utilization, the multimedia presentation, comprehensively and systematicly displays populus-related knowledge and records the history of industrial development of populus, playing an important role in promoting reproducing the history of populus, spread populusknowledge, promote populus culture.

Visitor center
Visitor center can provide the following services:
One, the free services
1. The information consultation: accept visitors enquiries and complaints; With touch screen navigation systems and television broadcast system; Provide about museum and siyang tourism publicity materials and related information.
2. Equipment rental: equipped with stroller, wheelchair, crutch, for children, the disabled, elderly tourists.
3. The guide will provide visitors with mandarin, English and other languages guide service.
4. Luggage: provide visitors with small luggage service, except the valuables and the dangerous goods.
5. The lost and found: keeping to the may items, to accept the report the loss, and to help visitors find missing items and will be lost.

Second, the convenient service project
1. Provide visitors with medical, tea and other services;
2. Equipped with tourism commodity supermarket, selling souvenirs and local specialties.
3. Equipped with IC card telephone, and provide convenient postal services.

Character statues introduction
Sculpture is composed of three old man, they are all made outstanding contributions to the development of poplar industry, are now more than 90 – year – old former deputy minister of national forestry Liang Changwu, Chinese
academy of sciences and the Chinese black Yang Zhifu ming-xiu wang and technical personnel at the grass-roots level on behalf of chang-quan wang siyang, represents the poplar from three course of introduction, breeding
and cultivation.

Poplar life
Here you can see hundreds of millions of years to form the petrified wood, poplar shows the history of poplar and indomitable life very long time, at the same time also can’t help letting people marvel at the wonders of

China Yang Shuwang
Four main pavilion south of “China Yang Shuwang”, planted in 1976. Confirmed by experts, its old and tall are domestic rare, witnessed our county and the national poplar years, has high research value and social value.

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