Located at the bank of the gorgeous Linhe River in Nantong, China Abacus Museum collects more than 10,000 abacus cultural and historical materials and is the largest abacus theme museum worldwide currently.

In the museum there are Abacus History Hall, Refined Abacus Hall and Rosewood Abacus Hall.

The Abacus History Hall reveals the very long history and deep foundation of China abacus by exquisite exhibits and primitive tone.

In the Refined Abacus Hall, the ancient and modern abacuses of different sizes, shapes and textures are displayed, leaving a feeling to the audience that Chinese refined abacuses are fabulous and the abacus culture is extensive and profound.

In the Rosewood Abacus Hall, the giant rosewood abacuses that have primitive sculpt and particular structure integrate abacus making and rosewood craft, and all without exception reveals the glorious and brilliant traditional culture of China to the world.

Adjacent to the display hall, Nantong Children Mental Abacus Calculation School has broad and bright classrooms, advanced multimedia teaching systems and a contest hall that can accommodate 200 persons. This school is also the training base for children mental abacus calculation of China Abacus Association. So the museum is humane landscape that melts abacus culture and Linhe River scenery.

Here, you may ramble on “the walking path along the riverbank” to appreciate the lovely scenes alongside, or pause at “Yinyue Pool” to enjoy leisure happiness from fishing after rain and also sit at “Xinyi Pavilion” for a short while to taste the fragrant tea and inspire the truth of life.


“It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar.” Welcome friends from all directions to China Abacus Museum for visit, study, tour and leisure.

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