In the blink of an eye, spring has come, and flowers are blooming. It is the season with the brightest and the most dazzling colors. To have a walk in the Tang-style small town, watch the cherry blossom, and the enjoy the beautiful view of freedom, is the best possible way to experience the spring days in Yancheng.



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Dayang Bay enjoys both the features of Suzhong Plains and the charm of the Yellow Sea Coast. It is an area where landscape of wetlands and many humanistic and cultural elements gather, making Dayang Bay, the place at the suburban area of Yancheng, a paradise for leisure and fun. Here, you can enjoy the flower blossom, have recreational activities, visit historical and cultural attractions, and experience the charm of nature.


Ocean of Flowers—Town of Cherry Blossom


After you enter Dayang Bay, you can choose to walk or take the No. 88 bus to get to the Town of Cherry Blossom. As the name indicates, it is a paradise to enjoy cherry blossom. Every spring, over 60,000 cherry trees of various types and phases, such as Somei Yoshino, Hanagasa, Kanhizakura, and kanzan sakura, will bloom, turning the Dayang Bay into “the Bay of Cherry Blossom” in April. Maybe you’re used to the cherry blossoms at the foot of Fuji Mountain, then the cherry blossom at Dayang Bay will bring you a different experience.


At the entrance of the town, there is the Cherry Blossom Museum. The four exhibition halls introduce the origin, types, and culture of cherry in detail. The Cherry Blossom Tunnel is the famous site that attract many online celebrities. The railway tracks painted like rainbow zigzag through the cherry trees, which is just like the Cherry Blossom on the Train Tracks in Kyoto. When you walk in the tunnel of cherry trees and rainbow-like railways, while the pink wind chimes tinkle, you’re as if entering your dream world. Come on and visit the Kyoto-style train tracks with cherry blossom!


Beauty of Inheritance—Yandu Ancient Town


Another feature of Dayang Bay is the distinctive ancient architecture complex, which is worthy of walking around one by one. The ancient Hui-style architecture are intactly relocated from Huizhou area to this scenic spot. The horse-head walls, stone gates, and high-walled courtyards are of distinctive style. By well preserving the charm of ancient Huizhou architecture, they are telling the simple but profound beauty of tradition and take visitors to the old days of a century ago.

The Phoebe zhennan Museum is the architecture built of Phoebe zhennan. In the museum, a large number of exquisite handicrafts and collections are displayed. The cello made of Phoebe zhennan leaves people a deep impression. Theses ingenious exhibits reflect superb carving skills of Phoebe zhennan art pieces. According to the staff, the value of the handiworks displayed totaled 200 million, which is truly amazing.

Dengying Pavilion is the landmark building of Dayang Bay. It is located at the highest position in the core area of the scenic spot. The architecture is built in the style of Tang Dynasty, which is a good match of the whole site. If you climb to Dengying Pavilion, you will have an aerial view of the whole Dayang Bay. In the warm spring breezes, the boats are swaying on the rivers, which really live up to the good times of Dayang Bay.





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