Baohua Mountain National Park is located in the north of Jurong city in Jiangsu province, it is a national AAAA class scenic spot.

Baohua Mountain National Park is located in the north of Jurong city in Jiangsu province, it is 30 kilometers away from Nanjing, Zhenjiang and Jurong respectively. As a national forest park and being rated as the national AAAA class scenic spot, its gross area is 100km² and the forest coverage rate can be up to 92%. There are nearly hundreds of millenary trees and some rare plants like Magnolia Zenii Cheng.

Baohua Mountain’s former name is Flower Mountain which became well-known for its yellow flowers all over the mountain in the spring. Later, the name was changed as Baohua Mountain when Bao Zhi, the eminent monk of the Liang Dynasty of Northern and Southern Dynasties, set up a stage to conduct the sermon. In Baohua Mountain Forest Park, there are four wonders: “The Beauty of the Forest Foot, the Fineness of the Peaks, the Depth of the Caves and the Magnificence of Mist and Clouds”.

Magnolia Zenii Cheng is exclusive in Baohua Mountain, its petals are as big as the lotus and as white as the snow. In the 1930s, it had been accidentally discovered by a garden expert in Jurong Baohua Mountain. Fortunately, according to the research, the Magnolia has been the only existing and pure one in Magnolia plants, which is as rare as the panda.

The annual “Paoshan Festival” in Baohua Mountain has long enjoyed a good reputation. It’s a real natural oxygen bar. Not only can the tourist breath fresh air, but also appreciate Varies of activities such as traditional Folk Culture Exhibition, Arts and Crafts Show and Mountain Song Performances. What’s more, they can participate in the Citizen Jogging, Kite Festival, Water-sprinkling Festival, Moon-catching Festival and Photography Contest.

Position: Yangliuquan Road, Baohua Town, Jurong City, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province

Opening hours: 08:00-21:00

Entrance ticket: RMB 50


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