The Thin and Black Ganyu Pottery “黑如漆,薄如纸”的赣榆黑陶

In Sept. 2011, it was included in the third batch of Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Forest Park in ancient the Yellow River古黄河森林公园

It is located in the ancient Yellow River scenery zone in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province.

Encountering the Myth, West Journey of Theme Homestay遇见神话,西游主题民宿

It is an Encountering West Journey Theme Homestay, which is situated in the ethereal Mount Huaguoshan, a 5A scenic spot.

Pingjiang Road Gourmet 平江路美食

The old street here preserves the ancient architecture, and the food and restaurants of the old street are closely associated with the ancient food culture of Suzhou.

Xuzhou Yunlong Lake Scenic Area 徐州云龙湖风景区

It is an urban type scenic area that combines with the comprehensive functions like science popularization sightseeing, tourism, leisure and ecology.

Nanjing Fengchao Hotel南京蜂巢酒店

It is located in Pukou District, Nanjing, which resembles two small honeycombs against the Dragon Valley. 

Beautiful Water Village — Nanjing Huashu Village 水美乡村——南京桦墅村

Huashu village is surrounded by mountains and waters with its beautiful landscape, which has won the titles of "Beautiful Water Village of Jiangsu Province" and "Beautiful Water Village of Nanjing City" successively.

Chrysanthemum Appreciation Strategy of Wuxi Huishan Hill 无锡惠山赏菊攻略

Every golden autumn, in the ancient town of Wuxi Huishan Hill, the colorful chrysanthemum exhibition will come as scheduled.

The 20th “Qixia Autumn” Red Maple Art Festival 第二十届“秋栖霞”红枫艺术节

In Autumn, always have people desired to get an opportunity to visit the colorful world of Qixia Mountain.